Experience sharing on operation of nitrogen machine

  • Nitrogen making machine is designed and manufactured according to pressure swing adsorption technology of nitrogen making equipment. The nitrogen-making machine takes high quality imported carbon molecular sieve (CMS) as adsorbent and USES PSA to separate the air at room temperature to produce high purity nitrogen. The equipment is compact in structure and can be mounted on the whole. It occupies a small area without capital construction investment and requires a small investment. Nitrogen can be produced only by connecting the power supply on site. What are the operation precautions of the nitrogen machine? Let's take a look: 1. Adjust the nitrogen production valve after the flowmeter according to the gas pressure and the amount of gas used. Do not arbitrarily increase the flow to ensure the normal operation of the equipment; 2. The opening degree of nitrogen gas production valve should not be too large to ensure the best purity; 3. The debugging personnel should not adjust the valve at will, so as not to affect the purity; 4. Do not arbitrarily move the electrical parts in the control cabinet, and do not arbitrarily dismantle the pneumatic pipeline valve; 5. The operator should regularly check the pressure gauge on the nitrogen machine and make a daily record of its pressure change in case of equipment failure analysis; 6. Regularly observe the outlet pressure, flow meter indication and nitrogen purity, and compare with the required value to find problems and solve them in time; 7. According to the technical requirements of air compressor, cold dryer, filter maintenance and maintenance, to ensure the air quality (air source must be oil-free). Air compressor, cold dryer must be repaired at least once a year, according to equipment maintenance, maintenance provisions to replace wearing parts, and maintenance. 8. Air separation nitrogen production equipment in the process of work, carbon molecular sieve has some wear, should be checked and filled with molecular sieve once a year. Related products: Vacuum PumpHeat Treatment Guide,Heat Treatment Equipmentvacuum furnace equipment